Delhi by Cycle – Raj Tour

At least the visible part of the smog isn’t as bad as before. So in order to breath some of the (fresh ?) air, I booked myself into another bicycle tour – this time not through Old Delhi, but into the new part, mostly laid out and built by the British (Raj Tour). That means wide lanes, tree-lined roads, the Presidential Palace and India Gate. As always in this city, the opposite of this magnificence is not far away. Behind the prestigous buildings hide slums and just next to the grand governmental building for food safety people life in shacks.

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  1. This is so great to read the memories of Delhi By cycle tour from 2012! We are so glad to know that you enjoyed the tour in your own city! Thank you for sharing this. We have moved one of our pages you’ve mentioned in the post. So that link is broken at the moment. The link to Raj Tour is here in case you want to update it.
    Thanks again for sharing this.


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