An unexpected souvenir

Okay, I already complained about the variety of living creatures in the tropic climate in Sri Lanka that constantly make me move and strike and scratch and swat. It’s spiders, flys, ants, wesps … you name it.

Especially annoying are the mosquitos that cost me many hours of sleep because of the pungent tone they produce when flying around my tired head. They even manage to pierce through my trousers and shirts and manage to sting so softly I don’t even notice when they sit on my forehead or cheek. Luckily enough these Sri Lankan mosquito bites don’t stay long with me.

cockroach in the dirty bathroom

But then I opened my suitcase I found some other type of animal. Actually I was worried earlier this trip I could carry some cockroach with me when I stayed at an infected place. So I closed the suitcase at night.

But last night I forgot. So a 5 cm big frog somehow thought it is cosy in there and made itself comfortabel in my red hard-top case. The amphian saw light again 70 kilometers down the road. It wasn’t difficult to find a suitable place for him. For days it had been raining hard, so I just went out the front door and placed him in the wet.

lover of linen


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