Where’s home?

When I waited for boarding the plane today, for one second I thought I would fly back to Berlin. I would go out, dance the whole night and meet the lovely people in the city. Maybe facebook is to blame, because I was just reading what’s on and who is doing what this weekend.

Then I realised I’m going back to Delhi. To my flat. My home?

No. Normally I feel comfortable at a new place pretty fast. When I moved around Berlin, it was a matter of days to feel at home. But in India? From the beginning I survived the food and the streets, I fitted into the system, I managed everday life. But I don’t feel I connected to the place yet.

I assume it’s mostly the people (even though many other things give me headaches as well). In Germany and also in Chile most of my friends were/are male. I just get along with them better. But here every time I talk to a man he seems to think I want to go to bed with him. Western women are sexualized and it appears to me no other relationship than a sexual one is possible.

Sarah Elizabeth Webb recently wrote down her anger it in the Hindu: “Even if Western women are potentially more promiscuous, I assure you that this promiscuity does not provide blanket consent to every wide-eyed, staring man that approaches. It surely does not invite the disgusting sexual harassment, the inappropriate stares, or the “slip” of the hand while riding the bus.”

To answer above’s question: Karl-Marx-Stadt is my native place, Tettnang my home town, Berlin the city where my heart lies and Delhi the place I live since five month.

How I decorated my working place to not feel so homesick.

How I decorated my working place to not feel so homesick.

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