Men’s work, women’s work

equal pay

Here the men are handling the machines and chisels and are definitely sweating more than the women who are carrying away some broken stones every now and then.

But according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) India is among the bottom 10 countries in the world in terms of women’s participation in the economy.  An average woman’s pay is less than one-third of the average man’s pay in India in the corporate sector.

As with so many other injustices in this country, there actually is a law aainst it. The Constitution recognized the principle of ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ for both men and women, and ‘Right to Work’ through Article 39(d) and 41. But I heard of a European company which –  despite the fact that in the home country, employees get the same wage for the same work and qualification -, here in India doesn’t do the same, but hands much more money to the men. Because, according to the manager, it would go against cultural norms and traditions if they would apply the same principles.

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