Parrots on the Catwalk

smoking“Do you guys want to walk the ramp?”, he asked. Franzi and I looked at each other – and laughed. We’re no models, that’s for sure. But apparently we didn’t say “no” decisively enough to the catwalk idea, because half an hour later he came back with the fashion designer in tow. So we ended up being listed for the show at the Escape Festival.

We presented clothes from the Indian label Bhootsavaar – “cool, funky and very edgy”, as the designer describes his dresses, jackets, shrugs and tunics himself, for “youth who are energetic, rebellious and free”. Prominent feature of all his designs: colours. At least under UV light.

Among all the rebellious looking tags and quirky shirts that were lying on a bed in one of the houses at the lakeside, everyone of us chose two sets. Then we got painted and sprayed and dabbed to match the energetic clothing. Glowing mascara, shining lip gloss and bright hairspray definitely were our most important utensils this night.

The show was postponed over and over again and our tensions rose sky-high. Finally the last puff of hairspray was administered, another head gear with wild horns distributed, and more and more instructions given on how to line up, how to move, how to look. Finally the music set in and we started walking.

coloursLuckily the catwalk that was announced never was built. So we made our way through the people on the dancefloor, moved eccentric to the beat and enjoyed the space between the colourful lit sail above our heads and the grass under our feet.

Food for thought by designer Nitin Bal Chauhan:

“There are some who spend hours cracking a riff,

while others who can’t stop their feet when they listen

to a beat, a few who can spend days locked up watching

flics, while others who wait for hours to capture a perfect

click. There is one who ponders for days to write a line

that can release and another who practices endlessly to

paint a stroke that helps him express what he feels.

Each individual has a passion, which helps him express

himself, touch freedom & experience madness.”

under UV light

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