More stories from the Hospital

hospital front view

behind the windows on the left is my room

As I have to stay here for a week or so now, I better get accustomed to the place. For example, a friend bought earplugs for me against all that honking: a small, but very busy street is not more than 15 meters away from my windows (which don’t close properly). My flatmate on the other hand brought me my sleep mask from home.

vein missed

vein missed

But this didn’t safe me from the nurses bolting into my room just after I had fallen asleep at 9pm yesterday. I had told the afternoon nurse I’m hitting the pillow, assured with her that the needle stays overnight in my vein and even made her switch off the lights – but the nurses on night shift apparently didn’t know anything about my sleeping plan and stormed into my room to check my temperature.

After being awaken so sharply, I watched the german movie “Feuchtgebiete” – and every time the nurses came into the room to measure the temperature, I was watching a scene with either naked flesh on my screen or a lot of moaning. Poor girls must have thought I watch a porno, and this in prudish India.

At 2am I finally slept, so it wasn’t nice when the nurses woke me up again at 6.30am, but fine, they had to give me some medicine. But when I just had just passed out again, they came at 7am to measure my temperature. And again at 7.30am.

allergy test

allergy test

At least the doctor had a nice surprise today. With him he brought some nice young guys, which didn’t introduce themselfes, but they looked like young doctors . So when I complained that the promised Croissant didn’t arrive the day before, and neither did the fruits, the chief made the place run. Five Minutes after the group left, two of the young ones were back and battled to take my order. The brought me a sandwich, muffins and even a cappuccino from a nearby bakery. And the nurses finally managed to get some other fruits than apples and bananas.

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