Devil’s Circuit

true winners

Everybody got a medal… and aching muscles.

People who think marathons and triathlons are too boring, should come to the “Big Daddy of obstacle Runs”, the organisers of the “Devil’s Circuit” reasoned.

But then, the 5km long obstacle run in a dirty field at the gates of Gurgaon was quite doable. Well, at least for many. I failed on two obstacles – with the effect that now I’m even more motivated to keep up the Parkour Training… next time then!

What lay in our way: walls to scale in turns with barriers to crawl through, a series of deep earthen ditches, several narrow beams to balance over, barbed wire to crawl underneath, a rope hanging down into a waist-deep pond with a vertical, very slippery wall to climb (here I fell back into the water), a horizontal ladder to move hand over hand to get along (no chance for me there as well), a tunnel, a net with heavy ropes on top to crawl through, a six meter high, free swinging rope to climb (with knots, though), a ditch filled with water and covered by a wire mesh fence, a heavy sandsack to carry for 200 meters or so, poles to balance over, iced water to wade/swim through (here’s a video from last year).


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