India Observes Muharram

For Shia Muslims, Muharram marks the death of of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein. He was killed in the Battle of Karbala, now in modern-day Iraq.

The event is marked by ritual acts of mourning by Shia Muslims. They are wearing black and take part in processions that involve an enactment of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein – some participants wail or whip or flagellate themselves to represent his suffering.

Impressions from the street parade south of Kashmiri Gate in Old Delhi

Shahjahanabad at Dawn

A mixture only the Walled City can offer: From the impressive Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary School through the led light area, along the bewildering maze of alleys, with some stops at crumbling havelis (private mansions), till the Kalan Masjid, above pet pigeons are flown above the white domes.

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